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The theme of the day is that everyone and everything is here for You! The Universe is telling you exactly where to go, what to look at and what is obvious.

Green Lantern on Unworthiness

When you have been given everything and know that you have no worldly reason to complain, the Green Lantern is the perfect mini movie because it goes to the heart of why we cannot accept what has been given. Unworthiness. It is all there … EVERYTHING….

and yet it can seem like it cannot be touched. It is like that famous saying, “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink” when you are in the middle of the ocean. The salt is the unworthiness and we need a de-salinator! The Holy Spirit takes all the salt out of our lives and leaves only the pure water to drink. Enjoy the spreaker talk if you want to hear some commentary as we all watched it together in Kamas!

Love you,


Use the player below for the Spreaker Talk now (give yourself an hour)

Listen to “Green Lantern Mini Movie Talk” on Spreaker.

6 thoughts on “Movie Pages

  1. Jason, this is absolutely brilliant. i’ve always said that it’s so much better to watch some of these movies in David’s company since he can give the play by play…so with him doing that, you get the whole picture. Nice job my friend. I look very forward to more of these. I see this as a reflection of mind which is becoming clearer and clearer. It’s just happening, and it’s miraculous and beautiful to behold in all it’s amazing forms. Peace. dm

  2. Jason, FYI i tried playing the green movie on 2 computers with good wifi connection and they both stutter, sputter, and mutter. hmmmm..

  3. Sounds like the perfect movie and commentary but I’m also having the stuttering, sputtering and muttering syndrome which Jeff mentioned. Technicians (“Tech Support”!:-) ) came out to see if they could correct the issue. They say our wifi is good. Anyway, will keep trying and am hoping it will eventually work out because this movie (plus the ones on MWGE) sound incredible. Thank you!!!!!!!

  4. Hi. Had unfortunately the same problems as others and cannot play the movie .
    What requirements are needed? Thanks. Love. Malfrid

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