The Giver

The Giver

A great new movie is out about the Simplicity of Salvation.  It is called “The Giver”.

Jeff Bridges come out strong in a movie designed to highlight the falsity of a ‘utopian society’. Any society that advocates repression and forgetting needs help. Here comes the Giver. He has all of the ancient memories (of Truth) that need to be shared to be returned to awareness and yet there is incredible resistance in the mind because of the fear of repeating the past. The ‘past’ being the original separation and it plays out in this movie with wars and the general horrible human condition. The ego hides the past by getting everybody to work and take medication to repress feelings. As the giver works with the new young man who is ready to accept the truth, he has to face his own fears of giving ‘too much’ truth because all the repressed pain in the mind needs to be forgiven first. As he faces his own fear that he ever could have done something wrong, he is able to let go and share Everything. The truth comes out …..there is a place in the mind that you can go to where all the past is forgiven and the barriers are broken. When he ventures outside of the community to free Gabriel (an innocent child that will be killed), he knowingly takes everyone with him. How many Teachers of God does it take to save the world? One! As he frees himself, all of society (the mind) remembers the truth with him. There is no attack or defense.


Love Jason

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