Sedona Gathering Follow Up

      Jason, blessings from Sedona. What a super fantastic time we had with you, Lisa and David. We experienced so much unconditional love, non judgement and joy. You were great examples of how to live the teachings that are taught in the course. We all need to see, feel and experience this way of living and undo what we think living in this dream should be. What freedom and peace. “ Because I want to know myself, I see you as the Son of God and my brother”   Jeff

Q&A (1)

Ciao Jason,

I have listened to your talks about your mum and just want to say how deeply I was touched by them.

Your words are really sitting in my heart. I don’t know if you remember but my mum was a gambler. I let go a few years ago of trying to fix her. She too became homeless and ended up finding a job being a housekeeper for a priest and lived in the parish house. Just recently she had to move and again it seemed she would be homeless. Instead she found really cheap rent in a catholic retirement village, with some help from priest.  It is subsidized by the government so her pension will be enough to cover rent and other costs when she can’t work for the priest anymore.
I cried on and off for days when I found out. I felt like a healing had occurred and I was being shown that she will be looked after.
Thanks for sharing your journey so openly.
As always,


Q&A (2)

Hello mighty companions,

Here is my question:   It seems that when I try to ‘be peaceful’ I set myself up for more fighting and resistance of all that appears not peaceful. Similarly when my goal is wellness/health etc then pain and also not being at peace become judged as something I am doing wrong….

It occurred to me over the last week ( as I am experiencing some physical pain and also getting deeper into my book about the roots of illness/pain in the unhealed mind)- that what if I just saw the pain or lack of peace as a call for love. I do not resist it. I do what is needed if that feels so in the form ie medicine, rest, sleep etc. But what if I let it be just something that is calling for Love from Holy Spirit and God and just allow that to happen. Just allowing that deep merging or something….maybe this is bringing the illusion to the Truth and letting the Truth heal my mind.  It feels this is a gentler process than asking why is this happening, what did I do wrong, what should I or what could have been done…all these are old ways to understand and experience and they feel so heavy and burdensome. They seem to keep the cause out there and I cannot reach it no matter how hard I try. But if I can just breathe, and be and ride the ego wave ( as Kirsten shared in our last email communication) then I let HS do the job of healing my mind instead of me trying to heal the mind. And this feels like I need do nothing except not interfere.

Does that resonate with your experience?

Love and gratitude,

Oh my God!  That sounds so beautiful  🙂
Thank you!
Love Jason