The Giver

The Giver

A great new movie is out about the Simplicity of Salvation.  It is called “The Giver”.

Jeff Bridges come out strong in a movie designed to highlight the falsity of a ‘utopian society’. Any society that advocates repression and forgetting needs help. Here comes the Giver. He has all of the ancient memories (of Truth) that need to be shared to be returned to awareness and yet there is incredible resistance in the mind because of the fear of repeating the past. The ‘past’ being the original separation and it plays out in this movie with wars and the general horrible human condition. The ego hides the past by getting everybody to work and take medication to repress feelings. As the giver works with the new young man who is ready to accept the truth, he has to face his own fears of giving ‘too much’ truth because all the repressed pain in the mind needs to be forgiven first. As he faces his own fear that he ever could have done something wrong, he is able to let go and share Everything. The truth comes out …..there is a place in the mind that you can go to where all the past is forgiven and the barriers are broken. When he ventures outside of the community to free Gabriel (an innocent child that will be killed), he knowingly takes everyone with him. How many Teachers of God does it take to save the world? One! As he frees himself, all of society (the mind) remembers the truth with him. There is no attack or defense.


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Here is a spreaker talk about the movie.

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Out of the Loop

On the road with Jackie and gathering with friends old and new in Chicago.

What followed was a powerful talk on Abuse, Rape and Victimization after we watched a movie called Repeaters. We read from Barbara Varley (a course pioneer) and had deep sharings from the audience.

Breaking free rom Groundhog Day, learning the lessons and being freed from ‘The Loop’

Enjoy! Jackie and Jason

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Begin Again


Well we saw this amazing movie the other night called Begin Again with Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. This is a great movie of collaboration, healing and moving on. It is such a gentle path to accept what is given to move through feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. Mark Ruffalo uses his skills as a music producer to pair up with Keira Knightly in this musical masterpiece. Forgoing all convention for typical music production, the pair traipse around the city living in the joy and include all that they meet to shine the light that they are. Healing is abundant and money is secondary as the motive of sharing and giving are out front.  Healing through attraction is used instead of through pointing out error.

Subtleties of expressing a musical calling versus performing for an audience are explored as well as trusting in divine providence vs charging money.  Enjoy this movie!


And now a song from the movie:

Edge of Tomorrow

A Great Movie for taking the mind through all it’s next steps with Vigilance and Willingness.


Cage’s initial resistance to stepping into his new function is high because he has no idea of his potential, or that he is the savior of the world. Coming from an ‘advertising’ background, and never having encountered combat training, the only function he has had in the army is based on selling idea’s through manipulation. And now it is all about action and follow through. Listen and follow through or die – literally.

It is time for a total dismantling of the self concept, including all thoughts of limitation, weakness and hierarchy.

After ‘dying’ for the first time on the battleground, Cage quickly realizes that the day is repeating. At first he tries to save the lives of those around him, but as his awareness of the bigger picture increases, he realizes that his purpose is much greater than just considering those who are in his immediate vicinity.

It takes extreme vigilance and mind-training to be present and fearless. When the perception of death changes to seeing that it is simply a ‘re-set’ in time, and that the same opportunity will be presented again, fear disappears from the mind, and the prevention of death no longer becomes life’s purpose. Instead, it is about present-moment training, collaboration, becoming aware of the big picture, and taking every step in absolute certainty. The purpose of time is to undo time, and nothing is wasted when the end result is certainty of purpose.

Cage and Rita have a clearly given assignment. From the moment Cage sees her, he is impelled to connect with her, and to support her to advance in the mission. When their purpose is held out in front, they continue to ‘make advances’ in time, symbolic of awakening to truth. When protectionism arises and Cage tries to hide what he is aware of, she senses it immediately and brings the focus back to their shared purpose.
Even though protectionism arises at times, and Cage often wants to save Rita, it doesn’t have any affect on the script playing out. They have a shared mission together, and they are to stay together right to the end.

The intensive vigilance training on the battlefield was all to prepare the mind to be able to be present and surrender. Then the mind is ready for the next step in the mission, a total redirect to accepting what is given in every circumstance. There is no more training-just total surrender to what is now.

Click here for the Trailer   Edge of Tomorrow


Themes: Present moment, Vigilance, Forgiveness, Time, Relationship Assignment, Faith, Commitment, Purpose, Mind Training, Protectionism, Collaboration, Death, Fearlessness
Director: Doug Liman
Writers: Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton