Begin Again


Well we saw this amazing movie the other night called Begin Again with Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. This is a great movie of collaboration, healing and moving on. It is such a gentle path to accept what is given to move through feelings of abandonment and unworthiness. Mark Ruffalo uses his skills as a music producer to pair up with Keira Knightly in this musical masterpiece. Forgoing all convention for typical music production, the pair traipse around the city living in the joy and include all that they meet to shine the light that they are. Healing is abundant and money is secondary as the motive of sharing and giving are out front.  Healing through attraction is used instead of through pointing out error.

Subtleties of expressing a musical calling versus performing for an audience are explored as well as trusting in divine providence vs charging money.  Enjoy this movie!


And now a song from the movie: